The World's Second Oldest Coffee Shop

The Caffè Florian in Venice, aka Caffè della Venezia Trionfante, the second oldest coffee shop in the world.
Venice has always been much more famous for its cafes than for its restaurants and Caffè Florian, in the Piazza San Marco, is known throughout the world.

Floriano Francesconi started to sell coffee here in 1720 and his shop, which was first called the Caffè della Venezia Trionfante, has been doing business ever since.

Venice was one of the first cities in Europe to take to coffee, a habit imported from Constantinople. In the 18th century there were as many as two hundred coffee shops in the city; thirty-five of them were operating in St Mark's Square, alone. In an age of strict segregation, Florian's was the only cafè to admit both men and women. Casanova, Lord Byron, Dickens and Proust were just some of its more famous clients. 


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