Death in Venice

A plaque to the American poet, Ezra Pound, in the Calle Querini in Venice
Exactly forty-one years ago today, the American poet, Ezra Pound, died in Venice. Only two days earlier he had celebrated his eighty-seventh birthday. 
Ezra Pound in Venice, 1963
The house in Calle Querini, where he lived with his partner, the violinist Olga Rudge, is marked by a plaque. Although Pound lived in Italy for many years, I cannot imagine that he has many followers in his adopted country. The plaque translates as:

In his undying love for Venice
Ezra Pound
A Titan of Poetry
Lived in this house for half a century
The City Council of Venice

The door to the house still bears the name of Olga Rudge, who outlived Pound by more than two decades, dying, a centenarian, in 1996. 

In the 1930s the couple played a major role in the revival of the music of Venice's greatest composer, Antonio Vivaldi. 


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