A Gem Reopens to the Public

Scuola Grande di San Marco, Venice
Many thanks to fellow blogger, Yvonne, for tipping me off about this gem.

The façade of the Scuola Grande di San Marco is one of the most beautiful in Venice, especially when it is set against an Italian blue sky. However, for almost 200 years, the building itself has been part of the main city hospital and, unless one was in need of medical help, there was no other reason to step inside. All this changed on November 21st, 2013, when, after a long period of restoration, the Sala Biblioteca San Marco finally reopened to the public.
The Biblioteca San Marco in the Scuola Grande di San Marco in Venice
The 19th century library occupies two rooms which once belonged to the ancient scuola. The Sala Capitolare, the vast room where members of the confraternity met, is vaulted with a jaw-droppingly beautiful gilded wooden ceiling. 

The walls are lined with bookcases and there are display cabinets in the centre of the room, which are full of medical texts and equipment, many of which are not for the faint hearted.

The Sala dell'Albergo is a much smaller room, which was used by the Board of the Scuola for its meetings. The walls are lined with copies of the paintings that once hung here, but which can now be found in galleries in Venice and beyond.

The Sala Biblioteca is open 09.30-13.00/14.00-17.00 and entrance is (so far) free.


  1. People should get into here quickly, before they either restrict opening times, or begin to charge us.

    Isn't it a treasure? (I really liked the display cabinets.)



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