Where has the Titian gone?

The painting of the Transfiguration by Titian in the church of San Salvador in Venice
This morning I popped into the church of San Salvador to see an altarpiece which is only on view three times a year.

The Pala d'Argento, a masterpiece of Venetian silver-work, spends most of its life hiding behind Titian's painting of the Transfiguration, which graces the high altar of the church. 

However, at Christmas, Easter and the Feast of the Transfiguration, Titian's painting, through a system of weights and pulleys, disappears to reveal the Pala d'Argento
The Pala d'Argento, San Salvador, Venice
The Pala, which probably dates back to the late 16th century, also depicts the Transfiguration of Christ. The Pala will be on view until Sunday when it will disappear, once again, behind Titian's painting.

Sadly, the Pala d'Argento is very difficult to see, as it is obscured by candles and candlesticks and the area in front of the high altar is roped off. 


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