The Borges Labyrinth

The Borges labyrinth by Randoll Coate, San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
Venice never fails to surprise me.

While I was leafing through a book on Venetian gardens, I came across a reference to a curious labyrinth on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, which had been created in 2012. 

Venice, it turns out, was one of Jorge Luis Borges' favourite cities; the maze-like layout of its narrow streets seems to have appealed to the writer's imagination.

Two years ago, in memory of Borges and his love of Venice, the Fondazione Cini commissioned the reconstruction of a labyrinth, which Randoll Coate (1909-2005), self-styled labyrinthologist, had designed in honour of the great Argentinian writer.

Coate's labyrinth replicates an 'open book' and comprises three kilometers of boxwood hedges. The book is inscribed with both Borges' name and its mirror image.

The Borges Labyrinth can be visited at weekends as part of a guided tour. For more details, click here.


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