Pink Floyd in Concert

Pink Floyd Concert on the Festa del Redentore, July 15th, 1989, Venice,
Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of one of the most famous (and most controversial) gigs of the twentieth century.

On July 15th 1989, which happened to be the Festa del Redentore, the British rock band Pink Floyd played live in Venice. The band played on a floating stage, which had been rigged up in the Bacino di San Marco, and the concert attracted over 200,000 fans.
The aftermath of the Pink Floyd concert in Venice, July 15th, 1989
While the gig was a great success in musical terms, the impact of such a concentrated mass of people on the fabric of the city was truly devastating. In addition to 300 tons of litter, the fans also treated the 'finest drawing-room in Europe' as a public toilet! 

Within days, the mayor and the ruling body of the city council, which had given permission for the concert to go ahead, resigned en masse.


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