Marin Sanudo: A Venetian Samuel Pepys

The palazzo of the diarist, Marin Sanudo, the sestiere of Santa Croce, Venice.
He may not be as famous as the chronicler of life in 17th century London (at least not outside Venice), but Marin Sanudo (1466-1536) was certainly more prolific. 

Pepys's diary chronicles less than a decade of his life, while Sanudo's observations stretch to almost four. He made his first entry on January 1st, 1496, and his last in September, 1533. As a member of the nobility, Sanudo was entitled to attend the sessions of the Grand Council, which he did, year in year out, recording its deliberations in his journal. His diary runs to 58 volumes. 

Sanudo's house still stands on Fondamenta del Megio in the sestiere of Santa Croce. 


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