A Priapic Poet

Palazzo Bellavite in Venice, once the home of the poet, Giorgio Baffo.
A plaque on the wall of the rather dilapidated Palazzo Bellavite, in the Campo San Maurizio, marks the memory of one of the most curious Venetians of the 18th century. 

The palace was the home of Giorgio 'Zorzi' Baffo (1694-1768), a respectably married patrician and magistrate who,in his spare time, wrote poetry. Nothing unusual there, except that in Baffo's case the poems were extremely graphic celebrations of the joys of physical sex. 

Baffo read his poems (which were composed in Venetian dialect) out loud in cafes, but they were not published until after his death. 
A plaque to the 18th century poet, Giorgio Baffo, Palazzo Bellavite, Venice
The great French poet Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) hailed Baffo as the greatest 'poète  priapique' who had ever lived. And it is to Apollinaire that the friends of Baffo, who erected the plaque in 1987, turned for a suitable quotation. 


  1. Well, the title of your post definitely grabbed my attention!

  2. That was my intention and I am glad it worked...

  3. Just heard about the poet and the festival on Rick Steve's travel show and the festival still goes on. Readers if poetry for the festival get a small phallic symbol for participation. 2/25/2017


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