The Patron Saint of Tailors

Bas-relief of the Ospedale dei Poveri Sartori, Fondamenta dei Sartori, Venice
I wonder how many people could name the patron saint of tailors. Well, it is Saint Homobonus (Sant' Omobono) and today is his feast day. 

There is a charming bas-relief (dated 1511) on the Fondamenta dei Sartori in which we see the saint sporting a large pair of scissors. It marks the location of what was once a hospice for poor tailors (Ospedal dei Poveri Sartori). Saint Homobonus is also carrying a large bag of money, which reminds us that he is the patron saint of merchants in general as well as tailors. 

The figure on the other side of the Virgin and Child is Saint Barbara, who was also a patron saint of the Scuola dei Sartori


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