'Viennese Oranges'

Three cannonballs in the Corte Paruta, Venice.
The Venetians referred to them as 'Viennese oranges' and yesterday morning I came across a cluster of three cannonballs, neatly arranged above a doorway in a secluded corte. 

The three cannonballs are just some of the survivors of the many that were launched into the city by the Austrian army during the short-lived Republic of San Marco (March,1848/August,1849). 
A cannonball embedded into the church of San Salvador in Venice.
Occasionally the 'oranges' can still be found embedded into the walls of buildings, both secular and religious. 


  1. Now, I'm wondering where the launching locations were, David. Do you have some ideas?

  2. I have read that they were on the mainland at Campalto and on the island of San Giuliano.


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