Street Signs

Nizioleto, Venice
In Venice, unlike in other Italian cities, the names of its streets (and its bridges and canals) are painted directly onto the plastered walls of buildings. Such signs are known as nizioleti (Venetian for lenzuolini, little sheets), and the practise dates back to the period of Austrian occupation (1814-66). 

nizioleto takes the form of black lettering on a white rectangle, bordered in black. However, not all of Venice's signs take this form; there are exceptions. Campo San Fantin's sign, for example, is carved out of stone.   
Street sign in Venice
While that of Ponte San Rocco resembles the type one sees in France. 

Given the deleterious effects of the damp, saline Venetian air, the ninzioleti need to be frequently repainted. 
Nizioleto, Venice
Therefore, in today's cash-strapped times, it would be much more cost effective if the signs were replaced by something more long-lasting. 

I can already hear the protest cries of the traditionalists rumbling in the distance.... 


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