San Teodoro

San Teodoro, Piazzetta San Marco, Venice
He was Venice's first patron saint. His statue stands guard on one of the two granite columns in the Piazzetta San Marco. The city's oldest Scuola Grande is dedicated to him. But where is San Teodoro's church? 

Well, the church originally stood on the eastern side of the Piazza, but was destroyed (or incorporated into the fabric) when the first San Marco was built (828-32). 

In the fifteenth century a second church dedicated to San Teodoro (Saint Theodore or San Todaro in Venetian) was built at the rear of San Marco. Today, it is tucked away from prying eyes in a tiny (and private) courtyard. 
Church of San Teodoro, Venice
I have no idea when, or if, the church is ever open. And finding any information about it is proving frustratingly difficult!  

All Lorenzetti has to say is that San Teodoro is "...a Renaissance building erected by Giorgio Spavento (end of the XV cent.), with a fine doorway ornamented with a mosaic, St. Theodore brought here and adapted from the demolished church of S. Maria Nova; the façade was at one time all covered with frescoes....Dedicated first to St. was later appointed as the seat of the Holy Office or Holy Inquisition."
San Teodoro, Palazzo Ducale, Venice
The statue of San Teodoro, which we see atop the column, is only a copy; the original can be found in a corner of the courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale.

Here are a few more sightings of the saint:
San Teodoro, Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, Venice
He stands, minus an arm, at the apex of the pediment of the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro.
San Teodoro, Salizzada San Teodoro, Venice
He can be found in the Salizzada San Teodoro.
San Teodoro, Ponte di Rialto, Venice
and on the nearby Ponte di Rialto.
A statue of San Teodoro, the church of San Tomà, Venice
He can also be found on the façade of San Tomà, where he is joined by San Marco, the saint who usurped his position. 



    Here are some photos I took of the little church - I'd love to know if it's ever open too.

  2. Thanks for the link, Annie. Lovely photos.
    I snuck into the courtyard this morning and took a couple of snaps.
    I shall ask at the basilica if the church is ever open, but I fear I know in advance what the answer will be!


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