The Last Admiral of the Venetian Navy

I have never known the church of San Biagio to be anything but closed so when, by chance, I saw that it was going to open in celebration of the feast day (February 3rd) of the saint (St. Blaise) to which it is dedicated, I scuttled across to have a gander. 
I was suitably unimpressed. The only object of interest was the statue of Angelo Emo, the work of Giovanni Ferrari. Emo was the last admiral of the Venetian navy and his tomb was moved here from Santa Maria dei Servi when the latter was demolished.

Although San Biagio was originally built in the 11th century, the church we see today only dates back to the middle of the 18th century. For the last 200 years it has been the parish church of the Navy so it is an appropriate resting place for Admiral Emo.  


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