"a German Summer-House..."

The church of San Michele in Isola, Venice
One of the most beautiful sights in the Venetian lagoon is the church of San Michele in Isola, especially when it is illuminated by the rays of the setting sun.
Cappella Miani, San Michele in Isola, Venice
However the Victorian writer and critic, John Ruskin, was not impressed. He particularly didn't like the Cappella Miani (usually, and wrongly, called the Cappella Emiliani), and when JR didn't like a building, he really didn't like it!

"It is more like a German summer-house, or angle-turret, than a chapel, and may be briefly described as a bee-hive set on a low hexagonal tower, with dashes of stonework about its windows like the flourishes of an idle penman." Ouch! 


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