Falling in Love with Venice

Hotel Danieli, Venice
How many of us who love Venice can remember the moment the magic first struck?

For the Victorian art critic John Ruskin, "The beginning of everything was in seeing the Gondola-beak come actually inside the door at Danieli's, when the tide was up, and the water two feet deep at the foot of the stairs." 

The Hotel Danieli occupies what was once the 14th century Palazzo Dandolo. In 1822 Giuseppe dal Niel, a hotelier from Friuli nicknamed Danieli, rented the first floor of the palace, turning it into a hotel. Success was swift and two years later the Friulano bought the whole palace. He lavishly restored the building, transforming it into one of Venice's most prestigious hotels, which he, unsurprisingly, called 'Danieli'. 


  1. Justement la première fois que je suis allée à Venise, c'était en ce lieu ! C'était en novembre 1980 par une journée ensoleillée, que des tons pastels, je suis arrivée dans le bassin de St Marc, le spectacle était grandiose, je suis tombée amoureuse et le suis toujours ! À cette époque il n'y avait pas la foule d'aujourd'hui, c'était magique !


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