Casanova and the 'Angels' of Santa Maria degli Angeli

The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Murano.
I have yet to find the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli open and today was no exception!

The sixteenth century church, which was once part of an Augustinian nunnery, lies in a remote corner of Murano, well away from the tourist trail. I first came across it in the memoirs of Casanova, in which he recounts his amatory adventures with two of the nuns, CC (Caterina Capretta) and MM (Marina Morosini). The convent, which housed nuns from some of the most prestigious noble families of Venice, was the scene of one of Casanova's more colourful adventures. 
The church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Murano
Santa Maria degli Angeli was closed for years while it was being restored. However, I had heard that the work had finished and it was due to reopen. There was no information about opening times on the church's noticeboard and the two locals I asked couldn't remember it ever being open!    

The door to the churchyard is surmounted by a beautiful late 15th century stone relief of the Annunciation, which means that, even if the church is always closed, the walk there is never without some reward. 
Relief of the Annunciation, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Murano.


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