Venice as Venus

Bas-relief of Venus by Napoleone Martinuzzi, Daniele Excelsior, Venice
Above the side entrance to the Daniele Excelsior is a large bas-relief, which is to sculpture what the hotel is to architecture!

The image is supposed to represent Venus and reminds us that Venice, a city rising from the waters, once identified with the sea-born goddess of antiquity. A link which was reinforced by the astrologers, who noted that on the day Venice was born, March 25th, 421, Venus was in the ascendant. 

For several centuries the island of Cyprus, traditional home of Venus, was part of the Venetian Republic. 

The sculpture, by the way, is the work of Napoleone Martinuzzi (1892-1977), an artist from Murano, who had the nerve to add his name to it.


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