From Monastery to Mill

Molino Stucky, Venice
The western end of the Giudecca is dominated by a huge, brick building, which looks as if it would be more at home in an industrial city like Manchester. 
Old photograph of the Molino Stucky, Venice
Now a hotel, the Molino Stucky started life as a flour mill. Begun in 1895 by the German architect Ernst Wullekopf for the Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Giovanni Stucky, the building was later expanded (1907-25). The Molino Stucky churned out large quantities of flour until 1955 when it closed down. For the next fifty years the building remained derelict before being bought by the Hilton group and turned into a 5 star hotel. 
Santi Biagio e Cataldo, Venice
The Molino Stucky stands on the site of the medieval monastery of Santi Biagio e Cataldo, which was demolished to make room for it. 
Sant' Eufemia, Venice
A rather beautiful stone relief from the monastery has survived and is embedded into a wall of the nearby church of Sant' Eufemia. 
Stone relief from Santi Biagio e Cataldo, Sant' Eufemia, Venice
The Molino Stucky had only been in operation for a decade or so when, on May 22nd 1910, its owner was brutally killed outside the railway station by a disgruntled ex-worker. 


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