Palazzo da Mula

Palazzo da Mula, Murano, Venice
The ancient Palazzo da Mula, in Murano, is adorned with numerous bas-reliefs, but the two most interesting are tucked away under the roof line. 
Bas-relief, Palazzo da Mula, Murano, Venice
The reliefs, which have been dated to the second half of the fourteenth century, are so high up that it is impossible to see them, in any detail, with the naked eye.  
Bas-relief, Palazzo da Mula, Murano, Venice
I have tried to photograph them on several occasions by standing on the vaporetto station, which is located directly outside the palazzo. However, the station floats on the water, which makes it less than ideal as a base for taking photographs. 

I tried again yesterday and finally seem to have been successful. 


  1. Wow, they really are interesting. I wonder why they were tucked up so high? (Now, I have to come back to Venice again, it seems.)


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