Finding an Address

Fondamenta Bonlini, Dorsoduro, Venice
I recently had to find an estate agent, which I had located on the web. The address it gave was simply San Polo, 2407; there was also a map, but that proved to be inaccurate. 

I knew better than to ask someone the way so I found the district of San Polo and worked my way round the streets until I found number 2047. How a new postman manages, I cannot imagine! 

San Polo is one of the six districts or sestieri, into which Venice has been divided (for taxation purposes) since the 12th century. And the buildings in each of the six districts are simply numbered from 1 to however many there are. 

The numbers (numeri civici) march up and down the calli and around the campi until the final address is reached. The largest of the six districts is Castello, where the number ends at 6828. 

The system was introduced by the Austrians, who were in charge of Venice from 1814 until 1866. 

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