The Bridge the Venetians Love to Hate

The Ponte della Costituzione, aka the Ponte della Calatrava, Venice
Each time I cross the Ponte della Costituzione (better known as the Ponte della Calatrava), which was built to connect the city's main transport hubs, I wonder how it could possibly have been designed without providing suitable access for travellers with wheeled luggage (which is just about everyone). 

The Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava (b. 1951), was awarded the commission in 1996 and the projected cost was 6.7 million euros. The bridge was finally completed twelve years later, in 2008, by which time the cost had almost doubled to 11.2 million euros. 
'Pod', Ponte della Calatrava, Venice
The city then spent a further 2 million euros on the so-called 'pod' to enable the bridge to be used by people with mobility issues. 

The 'pod', which opened at the end of 2013, functioned intermittently for six months before breaking down altogether. It has been out of action since the summer of 2014!


  1. The way we call it is actually "Ponte di Calatrava" :)


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