A Mystical Marriage

The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine, Santa Caterina, Mazzorbo
The location of Santa Caterina, at one end of an island which few people visit, almost guarantees that you will have this charming church to yourself.

Santa Caterina is the only one of Mazzorbo's ten churches to have survived. Above the portal is a fine relief of the Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine (1368).
The church of Santa Caterina, Mazzorbo
There are two Catherines in the pantheon of saints (Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Catherine of Siena) and both experienced a mystical marriage with Christ. 

When Catherine of Alexandria married Christ the groom placed a gold ring on his bride's finger. However, when Catherine of Siena was wed she claimed Christ placed not an ordinary ring, but the ring of his foreskin (prepuce) on her wedding finger. 

The portal leads to a charming brick-paved atrium. The medieval church, which was once part of a Benedictine nunnery, preserves a barco (choir gallery) and a 'ship's keel' (a carena di nave) ceiling.

Its 14th century bell-tower boasts the oldest bell (1318) in the lagoon. 


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