The Bishop's Throne

San Pietro in Castello, once the Cathedral of Venice, Venice
Situated completely off the beaten track, in one of the most tranquil corners of Venice, sits San Pietro di Castello.

The church, which served as the city's cathedral for almost 500 years, has a cold and cavernous interior, one which is unredeemed, in my opinion, by any exceptional works of art.

However San Pietro does possess a very interesting curiosity.
Bishop's throne, San Pietro in Castello, Venice
It takes the form of a 13th century Islamic stele, which has been recycled as part of the bishop's seat. The inscription on the stele, which praises Allah, is taken from the Koran and is written in Kufic script. 
Detail of Koranic verses on the Bishop's throne, San Pietro in Castello, Venice
Venice is often described as a meeting-point between east and west and here the connection is encapsulated in the bishop's throne.