Chiesa della Misericordia

Campo della Misericordia, Venice
Santa Maria Valverde, also known as Santa Maria della Misericordia, stands in one of my favourite parts of Venice. Although it lies only a short distance from the frenetically busy Strada Nova, few tourists venture here.

The chap on the façade, looking rather the worse for wear, is Gaspare Moro, who funded its construction in the middle in the middle of the 17th century. 
Chiesa della Misericordia, Venice
The façade was designed by Clemente Moli, who also carved the portrait bust and statues. Moro was a senator and a scholar, which explains why the two chubby putti are sitting on piles of books. 
The interior of Santa Maria della Misericrodia, Venice
The interior of the church seems to be in rather a sorry state, if this photograph is anything to go by.