A Leaning Tower of Venice

Campo Santo Stefano, Venice
The city of Pisa makes such a noise (and a great deal of money) about its famous torre pendente (leaning tower).

Here in Venice there is not one but several torri pendenti, although, admittedly, none lean quite so dramatically as the one in Tuscany. 
Campanile of Santo Stefano, Venice
The campanile of Santo Stefano is a good example. 
Campanile of Santo Stefano, Venice
While the tower was being shored up, between 1902 and 1903, the bells were rendered out of action and so the church was provided with a tiny belfry as a substitute. 
The belfry and bell tower of Santo Stefano, Venice
As soon as work on the campanile had been completed, the belfry became redundant. 
Belfry of Santo Stefano, Venice
The two bells were removed, but the belfry remains.