The Doge's Little Church

Chiesetta del Doge, Palazzo Ducale, Venice
The Palazzo Ducale is currently hosting an exhibition on the French Post-Impressionist painter Henri Rousseau and yesterday evening a talk was held on Le Douanier in the Chiesetta del Doge.

Although I am not, by any means, a big fan of Rousseau, I was very keen to see the chiesetta. The little church, which once functioned as the Doge's private chapel, is hidden behind the Sala del Senato. It was under restoration for years, but last October the work was finally completed. 

The chapel is a jewel. The exquisite frescoes, which adorn the walls and ceiling, are the work of Jacopo Guarana and the father and son team of Girolamo and Agostino Menghozzi Colonna. The sculpture of the Madonna and Child with four angels was carved by Jacopo Sansovino with the help of Tommaso Lombardo.