The Eyes of Santa Lucia

Candle in the shape of a pair of eyes, San Geremia, Venice
When it comes to kitsch the Catholic church is often in a league of its own. 

Today is the feast day of Saint Lucy and the church of San Geremia will expect to do a roaring trade in the sale of its rather special candles. 
The relics of Santa Lucia, the church of Santi Geremia e Lucia, Venice
The church is home to the relics of Saint Lucy and sells candles in the shape of two eyes. 

A pair of eyes is the saint's attribute and help to identify her in paintings. She normally has them displayed on a plate and, in the hands of lesser artists, the eyes can look like two fried eggs! 

It is not hard to see (no pun intended!) how Santa Lucia has become the patron saint of the blind and of opticians, but it is less clear how she has become the protector of writers and salesmen.