Alessandro Vittoria

Memorial to Alessando Vittoria, San Zaccaria, Venice
Given his importance in the history of European sculpture, his name should be much better known, but few people today have heard of Alessandro Vittoria (1525-1608). 

Although the sculptor was born in Trento, he spent most of his working life in Venice, where many of his sculptures remain.
Bust of Tomasso Rangone by Alessandro Vittoria, Ateneo Veneto, Venice
I know of no other sculptor who designed and (mostly) carved his own memorial, but that is what Vittoria did and it can be found in the church of San Zaccaria, where he is buried. 

Fittingly, for the sculptor who did more than any other to promote the classical portrait-bust in Venice, Vittoria used the form for his own self-portrait. The bust is surrounded by personifications of sculpture, painting and architecture. 

His tombstone, in the floor of the church, records the date of his death as 1605. However, Alessandro Vittoria died in 1608!