One of My Favourite Venetian Paintings

A painting of the Virgin and Child Enthroned by Fra Antonio da Negroponte, San Francesca della Vigna, Venice.

I can never pass the church of San Francesco della Vigna, which lies well off the beaten track in the depths of the sestiere of Castello, without popping in to have a look at the altarpiece of the Virgin and Child Enthroned by Fra Antonio da Negroponte. 

It is one of my favourite works of art in Venice and was painted circa 1455 by an artist of whom we know almost nothing, except that he was a Greek monk from the island of Euboea (Negroponte to the Venetians). 

The painting, which is full of delightfully observed details, can be found in the right transept of the church. Make sure you have some small change so that you can switch on the lights. 

The rather incongruous lunette at the top of the painting, which depicts God the Father, was added by a later artist!